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Vintage Fashion Expo



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Vintage Fashion Expo
    Ohhh, cowboy boots! Find just the nifty little jacket/frock/tie you've been longing for, in Santa Monica this weekend.

    We could lose hours digging through boxes of Bakelite bracelets and rhinestone brooches, which is why we're giddy when the Vintage Fashion Expo weekend roles back around. That magical event comes but three times a year, and LA's retro- and sartorial- minded set shows up in droves. Bejeweled cardigans, cat-eye glasses, cloches and capes -- the Expo is like a clothing-packed museum, but all the items are to be touched, tried on and ideally purchased. Hot diggity!

    First-time shoppers should not only carve space in their closets, they should carve out a chunk of their day, or, to be honest, entire weekend. Some 90 dealers will be at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, showing snappy shoes, belts, dresses and pants and blouses galore. Plus jewelry. Plus notions and buttons and the details that make a person look sharp and put-together. Plus loads of other bits of frippery from decades long past. It's a gussied- up time machine.

    So the trick for us now is to look nice -- we don't want to stand out as slovenly against the fashion-minded crowds -- and yet choose a comfy outfit we can easily try things on over. Must raid drawers immediately, or call Mom and beg for something Pucci-ish and pretty...

    Vintage Fashion Expo
    October 18-19
    Santa Monica Civic Center, 1855 Main St, Santa Monica