Feast at LA Food Fest's Flavorful Farewell

The decade-old, super-delish event's swan song'll be full of snacky gems and stellar sips.

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 29
  • Santa Anita Park
  • $69 general admission

Every ice cream cone has its creamy final bite — typically the very bottom, where the melty goo has settled — and every bowl of nachos has its last crispy chip.

And sometimes? A food festival that has proven to be as popular as an overloaded baked potato has to come to its cuisine-cool, it's-been-fun final day.

And that day for the decade-old LA Food Fest? It's Saturday, June 29 at Santa Anita Park.

For those fans who've followed the festival over the years, and eaten about a million, give or take, tacos and ice cream sandwiches at picturesque locations around town, news of the festival's final hurrah brings a bit of heartache.

But rising costs, and a few other factors, mean that the mavens behind this meal-tastic production will be closing the curtains after this year before they move on to dream up other dining-delightful extravaganzas.

As with LA Food Fests in bygone days, a whole slew of sup-worthy food trucks, dessert specialists, and purveyors of all manners of marvelously made vittles will be at the 2019 party, giving out spoonfuls and bowlfuls and luscious bites of beautiful-to-look-at, nice-to-nosh eats.

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Mango and coconut ceviche from Barranco Lounge, Japanese chicken curry from Luck Dish Curry, and pupusas from Big Grandma's Kitchen are just a few of the luscious must-tries on the line-up.

Vegan smoothies, craft brews, kombuchas, and teas will offer libation refreshment to those sauntering about in the summertime sunshine.

And will there be a Nuevo Gastropub, as well as a Tequila Tasting, too? They're well-attended events within the larger to-do, so count on their returns.

The Ice Cream Social is also a cherry-topped, fudge-laden hallmark, if you're all about superior scoops.

A general admission entry is $69. You can swan in at 3 o'clock with such a ticket, and snack around right through to 7 in the evening.

Happy trails, dear LA Food Fest. Hope to see your trend-smart team, down the road, at another eats-oriented affair or two.

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