Feast on Fall Treats Before October Vanishes

The Dolly Llama, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and McConnell's Fine Ice Creams all have limited-time, autumn-ready goodies.

What to Know

  • Dolly Llama's Halloween Special, a bubble waffle filled with frightful sweets, is $9 and available through Oct. 31
  • Sprinkles Slime has a "tangy citrus slime" inside and is priced at $4.95-$5.95, depending upon the bakery, from Oct. 21 through Nov. 3
  • McConnell's Fine Ice Creams is offering a new Cinnamon & Oatmeal Raisin Cookies flavor, as well as two other just-debuted ice creams

Not all October-fun confections may be found at the bottom of a plastic, pumpkin-shaped bucket, which is the common place to find candies, and other sweets, during the tenth month.

Some fall-fun goodies are meant to be spooned up, or held inside a cone, and a few even come inside peel-off paper or an easy-to-hold cup.

Which simply means that, if we want to know and enjoy the full breadth of bites in autumn, we should look beyond the candy aisle, even though we know we'll soon return to stock up on miniature candy bars and lollipops.

Look to The Dolly Llama, Sprinkles, and McConnell's Fine Ice Creams, which all put special seasonal sweets on their menus, and just in time, too, for October 2019 will soon make like a ghost and disappear.

At The Dolly Llama, which has a few locations around our region? You guessed right if you surmised a bubble waffle is involved, or a liege waffle, if that's your preference. Inside the waffle-y holder? Look for "a massive scoop of ice cream, ghost and pumpkin candies," and an Oreo, too, plus a "drizzle" of chocolate sauce and sprinkles (they're Halloween'd hue'd, yes). Price? It's nine bucks.

The Sprinkles Slime is a cupcake filled with, yes, slime, though this slime is edible. It's a "tangy citrus," and quite ooze-able, too, and it is inside a vanilla cake. The frosting? It's green cream cheese. This gooey snack is available at select bakeries from Oct. 21 through Nov. 3. The price'll run from $4.95 to $5.95, depending on location.

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And at McConnell's Fine Ice Creams? Three new flavors just debuted, including Rockier Road and Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. But if you have a fall focus, go for a scoop of Cinnamon & Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, which boasts elements of brown sugar, and "grass-fed milk & cream" straight from the Central Coast. There are several fall spices in this world, but Cinnamon rules the school, especially when swirled into a quality cold treat.

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