Feast on Plant-Based Tacos at a New Fairfax Avenue Eatery

Taco Vega, which incorporates whole foods that have been sourced around SoCal, also brims with burritos, salads, and fries.

Jim Sullivan

What to Know

  • 456 N. Fairfax
  • Dishes include Asada Fries and Poblano Taco
  • Pick-up and delivery available through the Taco Vega site

Veganuary, which is what happens when a person commits to trying or sticking to vegan-based cuisines in the month of January, is nearing its halfway point.

Of course, sampling snacks or sweets that are fully plant-based can be an activity that happens at any point of the calendar, but doing so in the year's earliest weeks, for many people, is a popular jumpstart-it route to incorporating healthier foods.

Jim Sullivan

And if your favorite food is the taco, but you'd like to find more shells, tortillas, and wraps that are fully vegan, you're in some luck: Taco Vega just debuted on Fairfax Avenue on Jan. 8.

It's perfect timing for both Veganuary and heartier winter foodstuffs to combine in a host of luscious plates.

Dreaming up these vibrant and flavorful burritos, salads, and tacos?

Chef and owner of Jared Simons (if you dined at Esculea and No Name, you love his food) and co-owner Jared Meisler of Bar Lubitsch and other favorites around town.

Some tempting highlights from the lunch and dinner menus?

Asada Fries, which are "... topped with grilled oyster mushroom asada, house-made guacamole, pico de gallo, queso, and chipotle tahini crema," and an "Ironman Bowl," which boasts both roasted okinawan yam and farro chorizo, in addition to other assorted good-for-us goodies like mustard greens and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Whole ingredients, sourced from areas in and around Southern California, is the theme.

Want your Quinoa & Potato Tacos delivered?

That can happen, through several partners, or you can pick up your piquant delectables at 456 N. Fairfax Avenue after ordering ahead.

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