Feed Darling Ducklings at Underwood Family Farms

Enjoy this springful activity at the Moorpark fruits-vege-animals destination.

What to Know

  • Through April 8
  • Moorpark
  • There's admission to the farms; duckling feeding is 4 tickets per person (tickets, when bought individually, are $1 each)

Distilling the most spring-famous, cuddly-cute, March-April activities down to their iconic and purest essences?

You'd probably want to seek out the following, to fully embrace the start of the sweetest season: A just-blooming flower to sniff, a marshmallow egg dipped in chocolate to eat, a bonnet to wear, and a baby farm animal to admire, and, if at all possible, feed, if such a dream could truly be a real-life possibility.

That final level of springtime goodness is rather harder to find than the first three, since flowers are bursting all over Southern California these days, and Easter candies are filling the stores, and bonnets, or, er, wide-brimmed hats, are popping up in stores.

But if you're not acquainted with any barn residents? That whole admiring and/or petting and/or feeding daydream is definitely not happening.

Underwood Family Farms is here for devotees of baby ducklings and pygmy goats, thank goodness, and, through Sunday, April 8, something very, very tender and very, very heart-tugging is happening at the Moorpark agra-attraction.

Visitors are welcome to feed Underwood's flock of ducklings, by hand, and if you're not cooing right now, or making some sort of squeal, we invite you to pause and think how your 9-year-old self would have reacted to this precious possibility.

Are the ducklings especially "fuzzy" and "adorable"? The farm's Facebook page confirms that is 100% the case, so feel free to coo even louder, if you wish.

And if you're more of a Pygmy goat person, hold tight to your heart, lest it bursts: You can also bottle feed Underwood's Pygmy goats, too.

If you really, really, really love cute things, you probably need to take a breather right about now, to consider the extreme cute-a-tude that's facing you.

We'll wait. You good? Moving on...

There is an admission to Underwood Family Farms, keep in mind, and activities like duckling feeding and giving a Pygmy goat a bottle will require tickets, which cost $1 each (though if you buy 11 tickets, that's $10, and 23 tickets is $20).

"(T)he more you purchase, the cheaper the ticket," is the deal.

A chance to feed the ducklings? It's four tickets.

So where do the ducklings go when they get bigger? Underwood shared the answer on Facebook, following a question from a fan: "We find homes for them."

Discover all sorts of barnyard-based bliss, and enjoy a day out at the beloved family-fun destination, while spring is at its springiest. The Easter Springtime Festival continues at Underwood Family Farms through Sunday, April 8.

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