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Fenders, Family, Fun: Downtown Burbank Car Classic

One of SoCal's biggest car meet-ups vrooms for San Fernando Boulevard.

If you own a vintage automobile, the kind of dream machine that you wash a few times a month, or more, and regularly service, you don't want it sitting in the garage.

Well, not always, at least. Such sweet wheels need some flat-out admiration, and there are fewer bigger fan bases than the one that shows for the ever-popular Downtown Burbank Car Classic.

The 5th annual will roll, and then park, along San Fernando Boulevard on the afternoon/evening of Saturday, July 30. It's free, all of that chrome-tastic, fender-shiny, dashboard-walnut viewing, and there are some cherries on top of the sundae, too (as there should be with a summertime classic).

Like? Well, vendor booths and prizes are part of the bash, and live tunes, too. And if you heard "Burbank" and "car classic" and immediately thought of Bob's Big Boy, which regularly hosts car enthusiasts, you're on the money: The famous diner is doing a Friday night to-do on July 29, ahead of the street party.

As for the autos set to show? Interesting autos make a cameo each year. Exhibit A? The event has a call out for cars with Hollywood cred, so if you own an auto that was used in a show, or perhaps has another Tinseltown story to tell, definitely plan on attending.

And look for the kind of vehicles that ruled the road back in the middle of the century, and the '60s, and the '70s, too. 

But, honest now, don't all of those decades-old Mustangs and Corvettes and trucks and Woodies still rule the road? It isn't hard to get a little agog when one pulls up alongside you at a stoplight.

Enjoy dozens of such stunners, for free, at the all-ages to-do, one that takes up a good portion of the heart of Burbank over a stroll-about Saturday afternoon.

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