Santa Monica

Ferris Wheel Riders to Hear Live Strings on Valentine's

A viola player will lend lovely music to the famous Santa Monica Pier attraction on the Valentine's Night.

Pacific Park

What to Know

  • Friday, Feb. 14
  • 6-9 p.m.
  • Park admission is free; rides additional

What are the distinctive sounds you might detect while riding the Pacific Wheel, the world-renowned solar-powered Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier's Pacific Park?

Maybe the waves of the ocean below, if your hearing is especially keen.

Probably a gull or two, if they're feeling chatty. Some thumping music, the kind that fills an amusement park, is likely. And definitely the laughter bubbling up from the people below.

But sensing strings? As in, the sort of strings you might swoon to at the symphony? Played by a musician who happens to be right there?

In a word? It's unlikely.

Unless, of course, you happen to call upon the Pacific Wheel on Valentine's evening between 6 and 9 o'clock. For viola artist Daniel Morris will be in the house, er, amusement park to "... serenade couples inside the Park as they enjoy a ride on the Pacific Wheel."


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The massive, 9-story Santa Monica Pier attraction will also be in the sweetheart-y swing of things, thanks to a vibrant and brilliant display that'll be filled with the symbols representing the romantic occasion.

Which means, yep, you're going to see some towering hearts, all done up in bright LED bulbs.

As for the viola? It has a "lower and deeper sound" than the violin, and is a bit larger. It definitely isn't a common sight to see near a Ferris wheel, but if you're part of an uncommon duo, then it all fits quite fabulously.

Will this be your main date on Feb. 14? Or part of a bigger night, one that involves dinner and a walk near the ocean?

Keep your ear out for a lilting and lovely symphony-style sound, and follow it into the world-famous Pacific Park.

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