FIGat7th Is Rocking Psychedelic Hues

Artist Jen Stark's bright designs will cover the shopping destination through early November 2020.


What to Know

  • Free to see
  • Through Nov. 13, 2020
  • "Light Spectrum" is inspired by "the unique pigmentation of flowers" as well as sights seen in the sea

The enjoyment of art can too often present itself as a segmented errand, something we set aside time to do.

But we never seem to set enough time aside for creative appreciation, as we're forever running, and we're hustling, and we're on the go.

So when color and beauty and whimsy and kapow-packed sights show up in places beyond the gallery and the museum?

It's a pleasure, and often free, too.

Such is the case with the installation that just opened at FIGat7th in DTLA. Jen Stark's art definitely has a psychedelic edge, thanks to its powerful hues and bold lines, and it is filling several parts of the eatery- and shop-filled location, including columns, the elevator shaft, and railings, too.

The piece's title? It's called "Light Spectrum," and it employs a "...groundbreaking translucent aspect created by the artist for this installation."

Which, yes, creates the opportunity for the sun to shine through the art, creating an ultra-colorful swirl of shapes, a "kaleidoscope of color."

Oh sweet, sunshiny breeze. It feels like spring's already here.

The installation is sponsored by Arts Brookfield, a group that presents "free, world-class cultural experiences in public spaces" through a host of media, including concerts, dance, and the visual arts, too.

As for Ms. Stark's real-world inspiration? She found it in "the unique pigmentation of flowers," as well as "the wonder of bioluminescent sea creatures and microorganisms that live in the depths of the deep sea."

Coming across all of this nature-cool art joy for free, while dashing around DTLA? It's a gift to passersby, shoppers, diners, and anyone seeking a few minutes to connect with an ethereal, Technicolor-cool installation.

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