Finally: National Doughnut Day

Specials and tried-and-true favorites abound.

Discounts and food holidays? They very often go together like a finger food and dipping sauce.

But that also means you'll go back to paying the regular price on your favorite pulled pork sandwich or tuna crepe for the other 364 days of the year. Right? A food fact.

But when it is National Doughnut Day, which it is, on Friday, June 6, well, we doughnutists can breathe a sigh. Even if we find a deal on our favorite rainbow sprinkle cake doughnut, we know that tomorrow that doughnut, if it is priced like most, will still be around a buck, or even less.

So rather than looking for extreme value, in a foodstuff that hovers in the mere coins department, one should observe the day through theme. With that in mind, we give you...

Spirited Sweets: BLD Restaurant on Beverly is offering a Doughnuts & Bourbon tasting on Friday, June 6. The tasting is only available on National Doughnut Day, and the pairings? Full of oomph. The Chocolate Cardamom Doughnut will be matched with Crater Lake Rye. Cost of three doughnuts, with bourbon? Eighteen bucks.

Meaty Sweets: It's true that you can get bacon on many a round, sugary edible disc these days, but have you had it on a cruller? All those ridges and swirls? With a dash of maple wow? We'll guess not, though we're never ones to suppose. It's a special "jazzed up" cruller in honor of Doughnut Day, and it's at Plan Check (Sawtelle and Fairfax, both).

Historic Sweets: If it is about anything, the doughnut is about nostalgia. It isn't flash, it isn't dash, it's what we ate when we went with our mom to the Farmers Market, at Third and Fairfax, years and years ago. Did we say "the Farmers Market" there? We did. Are we about to say "Bob's Doughnuts" next? For sure. It's one of our city's long-running greats, and we think it has something to do with the good prices, classic cakes, and those child-nice dinos. A dino doughnut! What a place.

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