Find 650+ Restaurants on a New Delivery/Pick up Map

You're staying at home but you're eager to support local eateries during this time? This new map is a good guide, with fresh places coming aboard daily.

Alexander Spatari

What to Know

  • Live Delivery/Pick Up Restaurant Map
  • 650+ SoCal eateries as of March 23 (with more to come)
  • You can list your restaurant via a handy online form

You have a hankering, one that involves mashed potatoes or roast chicken or garlicky quinoa or something topped with fruit.

And yet? You're staying at home, and not going out, all while you remain an ardent supporter of our local restaurant scene from afar.

Delivery and take-out are allowed in our new stay-at-home life, one we're all simultaneously sharing in response to COVID-19.

That means we can still support the mom-and-pops and boutique chains and quirky cafés that lend our region so much of its culinary oomph.

And helping us connect with those cuisine-cool spots?

The new, ever-growing, oh-so-handy Live Delivery/Pick Up Restaurant Map.

Joey Ngoy of TFN Media Group created the My Maps guide to highlight those regional restaurants that are still cooking, even if they're not seating, during this stay-at-home time period.

And while Southern California restaurants are plentiful, the map just went nationwide.

Good to keep in mind? Some eateries may be delivery-only, some may offer pick-up, and many will offer both options.

“We love the restaurant community so much, food is love, and we want to show the love back, so we created this map. We’re updating it hourly and restaurants can reach out to us directly so we can add them to the map for free” says Ngoy. 

How to reach out to join the map, if you have a restaurant? Here's where you start to add your venue to the map, which is growing by "hundreds of restaurants daily."

"We are in this TOGETHER," reads the stirring intro on the sign-up page.

Join together now, with other restaurants, to let stay-at-homers know where to order from, what is out there, and how they can address their hankering, and help a local business, without ever leaving home.

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