Find a Rainbow of Sweet Treats for St. Patrick's Day

Yep, the famous Shamrock Shake is back at McDonald's, but there are other holiday-fun desserts around the region.

Corned beef and new potatoes and cabbage and green beer and not-green beer are some of the edibles and sippables that spring to our middle-of-March minds when it comes to pondering what to eat on St. Patrick's Day.

But we don't need to probe too deeply into that line up to come back with this factual summary: All of those items are from the savory side of the menu, including the beer, which is often sipped with corned beef but rarely, we imagine, with confections.

Confections, though, are a major part of what makes March 17 so delicious, and the days surrounding March 17, too. If you're looking for a taste of the lucky occasion from the dessert end of the spectrum, best check out...

McDonald's: A seeker of greenly goodies can't begin the confection conversation without referencing the fast food chain's mondo-famous Shamrock Shake. The minty-creamy beverage is back at local McDonald's restaurants through Friday, March 23 or "while supplies last." 

The Dolly Llama: You're longing for something waffle-like, but that also pays tribute to the holiday, too? Head for DTLA, and this still-new treat shop for the St. Patty's Bubble Waffle. "Matcha green tea ice cream, Matcha Pocky Sticks, Lucky Charms cereal, toasted marshmallow and cotton candy" are all part of this winsome waffle concoction.

Sprinkles Cupcakes: So you're all about small-ish cakey things on most every holiday of the year? As opposed to full-sized cakey things? Then a cupcake is what you crave. Sprinkles has a Green Irish Coffee cupcake for sale through Saturday, March 17, as luck would have it — wink — so find your local Sprinkles bakery before then and pick up a couple for those in your life who love luck.

Magnolia Bakery: If it isn't St. Patrick's Day for you without a gooey yum-yum that's from the "grasshopper" category, look to West Third where a brand-new Grasshopper Icebox Bar has just debuted. It's that springful light green that so aptly sums up the middle of March, hue-wise, and it is available "for a limited time only!" Get there at once, grasshopperites, for this mint-tastic sweet.

FrankieLucy Bakeshop: Unicorn poop, in all of its glittery, good-to-eat glory, has been tearing up Pinterest boards and other bake-oriented outlets for a long while now. For a green spin on the light-hearted treat, there is Leprechaun Poop, available at this newly opened Silver Lake shop. The meringue yummies are a buck each and available through March 17.

Voodoo Doughnut: Of course the Universal CityWalk doughnuterium is going to have the St. Patrick's Day breakfast-ready goodies, of course of course. But best get your order in, pronto, for the Pot o' Gold (there's Tang involved) as well as a host of other amazing and very green confections. Do you need to eat them at breakfast? Nope. Any time of the day will do, and definitely any time of the day on St. Patrick's Day.

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