Find ‘Snowpiercer'-Inspired Sweets at Randy's Donuts

The doughnut-making icon is giving away the sci-fi sweets at four of its locations, but fans can find the limited-time goodies for sale, too.

Randy's Donuts

What to Know

  • Through Jan. 27, 2021
  • Inglewood, El Segundo, Torrance, and Downey only
  • The limited-time doughnuts are also for sale for $2.85 each

A thrilling sci-fi series, one that's deep, full of big ideas, and packed with edge-of-the-couch moments?

Let's be honest: Having something snacky on hand can help round out the corners of the edgy, keep-the-adrenalin-up experience.

But what if your foodstuff wasn't just a random bite but something that was connected to the action on your screen?

That can happen, if you're both a fan of TNT's "Snowpiercer" and you're a devoted devourer of doughnuts.

For Randy's Donuts has a special sweet inspired by the sci-fi series, which returns for its second series on Jan. 25.

And here's a mouthwatering twist: Four of the Randy's shops are giving away a free "Snowpiercer" doughnut each morning through Jan. 27.

The thematic confection? It's a vanilla goodie, with both sprinkles and coconut (the "snow," natch) adding decorative and delicious oomph.

You'll need to be among the first 100 people to visit the shops in Inglewood, El Segundo, Torrance, and Downey. (Please observe social distancing and remember your face covering.)

And that thematic look outside the Inglewood shop? It was created by Jasen Smith and his world-building team at Experiential Supply Co., all to bring some snow to sunny LA.

But don't rush down early, if you've stayed up the night before re-binging episodes from the first season. The "Snowpiercer" doughnut is also for sale, for a limited time, at the shops.

The price is $2.85 per doughnut.

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