Find Your Inner Dude as “The Big Lebowski” Returns

The most rug-tastic, White Russian-scented, bowling-beautiful movie in history, oh yes.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Aug.5 and Wednesday, Aug. 8
  • Select theaters
  • Tickets available through Fathom Events

We speak of joie de vivre so often, specifically when we're describing someone who is especially in touch with their blithe-a-tude, their ability to see the sunny side, their knack for finding the nice in all things.

But what of Dude de vivre?

Surely fans of a certain seminal Coen Brothers film, a mirthful flick that forever changed cinema, not to mention countless cocktail orders, know how to embrace that particular approach to life.

For Dude de vivre is all about not getting too ruffled nor rankled about much at all, unless a rug is stolen, or a White Russian is spilled, or a caper you didn't really want to get involved in goes terribly awry.

It's a philosophy and a way of living that's big in "The Big Lebowski," the 1998 film that placed a robe-wearing, shaggy-of-mane gentleman at the center of a nutty noir, one involving bowling, Viking helmets, nihilists, briefcases that may or may not include money, rugs that tie rooms together, Ralph's grocery store, Malibu, and dozens of other touchstones that are both super-SoCal and recognizable to people far beyond our fair shores.

You can find your own Dude de vivre when the beyond-cult classic returns to select theaters for two days, for two screenings each day.

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Those dates? Sunday, Aug. 5 and Wednesday, Aug. 8, which seem like very Dudely dates, given that early August can be just about the laidbackiest, non-rush-iest time of year.

TCM and Fathom Events are the outfits behind the Dude's return to the big screen, and Fathom Events is the site where you can discover which Southern California cinemas will be screening it.

On board? The TCL Chinese 6 and AMC Citywalk 18. 

It's the 20th anniversary of "The Big Lebowski," and fans will be out in their bowling-smart best to celebrate the quote-it-again-and-again movie. 

Though wearing your stretchy sweater, the one favored by the Dude? Maybe a tad too toasty, so go with a lighter bowling shirt, if possible.

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