‘Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage' to Sail Again

This news has us bubbly: The Disneyland attraction returns, following a major refurbishment, in late July.

Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort
  • The Disneyland park attraction reopens on July 25, 2022
  • New coral, fresh paint, and other touch-ups will add extra vibrancy to the watery ride
  • The attraction first debuted as the Submarine Voyage in 1959; Pixar's 2003 film "Finding Nemo" inspired the 2007 update

Where there's a gill, there's a way, as Marlin bravely discovered in Pixar's 2003 hit animated film, "Finding Nemo."

The caring clownfish had to go on a great and daring journey to be reunited with his son Nemo, and along the way? So many watery wonders were seen, from sunken ships to large sharks to a caboodle of colorful coral.

And migrating leatherback sea turtles? Whoa: Like, those were totally huge, too, in the beloved feature, which inspired "Finding Dory," the 2016 sequel.

We're not trying to make anemones here, though, by drawing out this intro: Rather, we're just stoked that the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage will be glug-glugging its whimsical way back into Disneyland park on July 25, 2022.

Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Of course, the ride, which first opened as the Submarine Voyage in 1959, didn't go anywhere, as anyone riding the Monorail or the Matterhorn Bobsleds could easily discern; rather, the sizable aquatic attraction underwent a lengthy hiatus due to the pandemic, a closure that prompted a major refurbishment.

That means fresh coral was added to the adorable adventure, which includes several submarines that cruise just below the waterline.

Paint-based touch-ups, too, have upped the destination's happy hues.

And Hank, the camouflage-cool septopus from "Finding Dory"? We're such a sucker for this tentacle-rocking dude, like many "Nemo" fans are.

Lucky us: He's now gracing a rock in the lagoon, a new addition to the attraction.

Snazzy special effects are also upping the "Nemo"-nice aura of the area, and lighting that adds to that oceanic atmosphere.

But before you can board these celebrated submersibles, you'll need a ticket to Disneyland park, and a reservation, too.

Find more about the attraction's re-opening here, and plan your trip beneath the waves now.

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