Fireworks: Fan Builds Disney Dating Site pairs up those who know the Matterhorn wait times like the back of their Mickey Mouse hands.

If you're a Disney fan and dream of meeting your perfect princess or prince, you likely desire a partner who A) knows you only like to ride Dumbo at Disneyland after dark, B) understands your craving for a churro before lunch and C) can hustle as fast as you can to snag a great spot for the parade.

But finding such a lad or lass can be as challenging as locating a Hidden Mickey in an especially detailed painting. You may occasionally come across a potential partner in your wanderings about your own personal kingdom of life, but if they don't know every word to The Haunted Mansion spiel, your heart does break a little.

Enter, a new dating site from Dave Tavres, co-founder of VidTaggr and "lover of technology." Chris Nichols, the ultimate aficionado of all things midcentury, shared the word in LA Magazine about Tavres' enchanted endeavor.

Does joining up cost more than a pretzel or Dole whip float? Depends on how you use it — just peeking at pics is free, but, like with other dating sites, if you want to reach out to a possible new pal, it'll cost. (Nichols points out that the prices for this action, $12.55, will be significant to Disney fans, who know that the "55" represents a special year for the theme park.)

As for the photos currently up? You won't be surprised to learn that many were snapped inside the Anaheim, California, destination. It's one thing to see a person's photograph on a dating site that piques your interest, and quite another to see a snapshot that both piques your interest and happens to be in front of your favorite ride in the entire world. 

Is it a sign? That the cute guy or girl is eating a chocolate-dipped pineapple, which is your favorite treat ever (ever, ever)? And right in front of The Jungle Cruise? Well, Disney and magic do go together as well as a corn dog and mustard. 

It's magic Tavres knows something about; he worked for The Happiest Place on Earth, on the railroad.

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If you meet your prince or princess — or your wicked witch or cackling wizard, if that's your preference — on, though, will you need to celebrate every anniversary by riding Space Mountain?

It seems like a dating site with the ideal dates already built into the system. Never again will you and your sweetheart be like "I don't know, what do you want to do this weekend?"

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