Fish Bowl Glass: Special Salazar Sip

Go "under the sea" and enjoy a spirited agua fresca in Frogtown.

Beverages don't always have to arrive in pint glasses or cups.

Sometimes something rummy'll make a dramatic showing in a volcano-shaped vessel, one that boasts a real flame in the middle. And sometimes you can fill a small plastic swimming pool with Slurpee, if the day is right.

In short? The tumbler needn't be traditional. And tradition is definitely taking the day off on Tuesday, Aug. 9 at Salazar, the recently debuted, oh-so-buzzy restaurant in Frogtown.

Agua fresca is the refreshing theme of the evening, and fish bowls are what will hold all of that fruit-fun, sugar-yummy, flowery deliciousness. But note: While agua frescas, a beloved libation throughout Mexico and points dotting the Southwest, doesn't typically contain alcohol, the Salazar version may be accurately described as spirited.

Where does the kick in the Savila y Coco sip come from? BULLDOG Gin and La Niña del Mezcal, and there's a gummy shark, too, to lend the fish bowl theme a bit more aquatic oomph.

The restaurant's beverage director, Aaron Melendrez, is the man overseeing this offbeat approach to both the classic summertime favorite and its photo-ready glass, while bartenders Alex Strauss and Kylie Van Dillen are performing the creative mix-it-up honors.

Best line up your ride, and then plan a later-in-the-evening visit to the river-close eatery: The agua fresco festivity kicks off at 9 o'clock on Aug. 9 (a cinch to remember).

Already pondering what you'll nosh upon? Think fish tacos, a raw bar, and other complementary cuisine-cool tidbits from Chef Esdras Ochoa.

Raise your fish bowl for a toast to nontraditional drinkware, and the "spritely" sips that often fill all of those funky glasses.

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