Fish Farewell: Grunion Fun Going Bye-Bye

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium's final Meet the Grunion nights are swimming this way.

Cindy Spivak

It's pretty easy to reschedule lunch with a friend, unless that friend complains that you're always rescheduling, and making a dentist appointment for next month, instead of next week?

It's a process without too much bite.

But there's no rescheduling with nature, which observes its own tides, times, rhythms, and roll.

And the grunion, those silvery, on-the-beach spawners that bewitch we land-livers so thoroughly each spring, are wrapping up their open season, at least at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

For the San Pedro-based aquatic destination holds a cool series of evenings starting in March every year, evenings devoted to the silversides superstars and their eternal propensity for wriggling onto the sand in order to make future grunion.

And while the yearly Grunion Run will continue, on select nights, all the way through to very early September 2019, the aquarium's popular Meet the Grunion nights are in their very final wriggle for the year.

Which is all to say this: You should wriggle your way to the aquarium on either June 5 or June 19, 2019, if you want to learn a lot of about the World o' Gruniondom before heading to the beach to see the silvery spectacular live.

Those are the last, ending-now, very final nights on this year's Meet the Grunion schedule, and, yep, they're both Wednesday nights.

It matters not, to nature, if those are school nights or not, for nature is always nature-ing, be it a weekday or Saturday or a prime time for us to attend an event.

And this event is a little later in the evening, so read all before donning a jacket and rounding up your fishy friends for a grunion-tastic trip to San Pedro.

Good to know? We're in open season for the grunion, but if you to collect a grunion (by hand), you'll need a license. There are other details, too, so read all.

Didn't make a Meet the Grunion this year? Shed no salty tears, for these salt-water favorites'll be back like clockwork, or rather tidework, for another round of spawning in the spring of 2020.

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