Fleet Fidos to Fly at the Corgi Nationals

The showdown at Santa Anita Park will feature a line-up of low-to-the-ground, mighty-of-spirit contenders.

Holly Hildreth

Getting the side eye from a sassy Corgi?

It can feel like you're standing in the spotlight, like you've been singled out, and wanting to apologize to the pup, before any more judging looks are thrown your way?

You long to, even if you're not sure what you've done.

Corgis have become side-eyeing superstars online, with countless Instagram photos devoted to their adorably suspicious stares, but when the caboodle of potential champions arrives at Santa Anita Park on Sunday, May 29, all eyes will be on the prize.

And that prize? Ultimate victory when the Corgi Nationals return to the historic track.

As for what spectators will be watching? They'll be squeeing over the infield action, and, later, the semi-finals and finals, which will run on the main track.

The six-hour celebration has become a Corgi-centered must-do, with dog-themed vendors, eats to buy, sips made for a sunny day, Corgi National merchandise to peruse, and carnival rides, too.

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General admission?

It's ten dollars, and, you bet, your Corgi is invited, even if they won't be running (it's no surprise that slots filled up faster than a Corgi can gratefully pounce on her favorite meat treat).

Do read up on attending with your dog, as there are some rules to know before you go.

As for picking the pooches you'll root for in each race?

We don't even know what to tell you here, because all Corgis should win at everything, always, especially a pack of cuties that sprint so vigorously they seem to almost be hovering a few inches off the ground.

But, really, when you ponder it, won't all the pups be winners at the Fido-centered celebration?

Competitors will receive the adulation, the dogs that attend with their humans may snag a snack or two, or perhaps a new leash or collar from a vendor, and everyone gets to grin over one of Southern California's heart-tugging-est happenings.

Trot by this site now and discover how you can watch these "speed demons put their paws to work at this fun family event!"

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