Float Above LA at OUE Skyspace Yoga

Enjoy a once-a-month Sunrise Yoga session, some 70 stories above DTLA.

What to Know

  • Every fourth Saturday; next class May 25
  • 6 a.m.
  • $30

Drop your shoulders, release your thoughts, let go of what you don't need, unclench your jaw.

These are commonly heard calls to action in a yoga class, the sorts of we're-aware steps we probably should be taking, on or off the mat. 

But sometimes? Being on terra firma can feel slightly too grounding, if you will. Which means floating up, up, up to the clouds, or at least adjacent to the clouds, for a stretch-it-out, release-the-baggage yoga session is in order.

And while cloud yoga is still a ways out there, invention-wise, there is a place for sun salutations that's 70 stories up. It's the outdoor deck of OUE Skyspace, which is once again the setting for once-a-month Sunrise Yoga.

And we do mean "sunrise," for the hour-long yoga classes begin at 6 in the morning. That'll put some sun in those salutations.

Each class pops up, at 6 a.m., on the final Saturday of the month, meaning there is one just ahead, on May 25. Will you need to show with your own mat? For sure, so put it by the door now.

What is the fee? It's $30.

Will a reiki healer be nearby, for after-class wind-down assistance? You bet.

Can you zip down the famous SkySlide, the one that takes you from the U.S. Bank Tower's 70th floor to its 69th floor... on the outside? 

As many times as you like, with your purchase of a class admission. 

Wheeeee like that perk. Er, rather, we like that perk. Or did we mean "wheeeee"?

If you're seeking out a way to freshen up your practice, or add a different layer, or simply perform a chest-expanding pose with an expansive view of the city, this could be for you.

Set that alarm, though, and, again: Put your mat by the door. It'll be early by any measure, but you'll have the city, and city views, practically to yourself.

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