Flower Burger, a Plant-Based Concept, Blooms in Culver City

The buns at the new ghost kitchen boast vibrant hues and the patties include oats, red beans, and other goodies.

Flower Burger

What to Know

  • Enjoy deliveries from the Culver City-based ghost kitchen; currently open for lunch only, but dinner hours begin on May 10
  • Delivery partners include GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats
  • Six colorful burgers to choose from, including a trio of chickpea patties

Flowers have a fanciful way of fancying-up all sorts of fun foodstuffs, and come the springtime? Your supping experience may just involve a playful petal or two.

But finding those flowers usually means ordering a cupcake, piece of pie, or a cookie, for blossoms seem to proliferate on the dessert side of the menu but less so among the heartier choices.

That's changing, thanks to a new delivery-only ghost kitchen that debuted in Culver City on Thursday, May 6.

Flower Burger is a plant-based concept hailing from Italy. There are six patties to choose from, including three that take their flavorful and filling main component from the cheerful chickpea.

The Cherry Bomb?

That's got a lentil-based patty and a pink bun (cherry and beetroot create the bun's rosy color), while the Flower Burger, billed as the ghost kitchen's signature offering, has a red bean patty and a vibrant violet-hued bun.

All of the buns have moxie, making Flower Burger an instant Instagrammable favorite among those who dig plant-based bites that boast visual kapow.

The new Culver City ghost kitchen, by the by, is the North American debut for the concept.

It's a concept that also has a number of plant-based add-ons and extras, including Flower Cheddar, Flower Mayo, and Wild Sauce, a zingy, plant-tastic spin on a classic BBQ spread.

There won't be any actual petals topping your patty, we should note, but the spirit of this new plantful bastion o' burgers definitely boasts a bloom-pretty vibe.

Matteo Toto founded Flower Burger in Italy in 2015, and it's now flowering in several locations, including France and London.

Is it the perfect synthesis between veggie-strong dining, sweet springtime panache, and the continuing rise of the delivery-only ghost kitchen?

Order your own Flower Burger, which moves to lunch and dinner hours on Monday, May 10, and discover the delights of eating a plant-perfect patty sandwiched between two purple or pink buns.

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