West Hollywood

Flower Burger Flavorfully Blooms in West Hollywood

The plant-based restaurant, which started as a ghost kitchen in the spring of 2021, now has a colorful brick-and-mortar location.

Flower Burger

What to Know

  • 640 N. Robertson Boulevard
  • Plant-based burgers include Spicy Chickpea and Tangy Chickpea; bright buns are the hue-bright hallmarks of the restaurant
  • Entrepreneur Matteo Toto started Flower Burger in Milan in 2015

Flowers are famous for ruling our hearts, minds, and imaginations in the springtime. Poppies blanket hills, jacaranda blossoms purple-up trees, and, just about everywhere we turn, something fragrant and fabulous is adding oomph to a shrub or bush.

It's no coincidence that a flower-fun concept also bloomed as a ghost kitchen in the spring of 2021, all to give plant-based diners something good to eat and good to 'gram.

It was Flower Burger, the concept that first broke ground in Milan, courtesy of entrepreneur Matteo Toto, in 2015, but then went wider.

The plant-based burgers call upon chickpeas, carrots, and beetroots, as well as a host of other vegetables, and their buns? That's part of their hue-happy history. They're bright and colorful, more reminiscent of a scoop of ice cream than a piece of bread.

Now the ghost kitchen that opened about a half year ago is now a brick-and-mortar establishment, as of late October.

You can find Flower Burger's line-up, from Tangy Chickpea to Spicy Chickpea, on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood, at an eatery boasting "vibrant and psychedelic design elements by artist Kyle Thomas."

Kirk Tsonos

As for sides?

The Flower Bombs, made from red seitan and kidney beans, are a colorful complement. And the kicky sauces, like Rocktail, which includes nori, further the plant-based vibes.

"We're excited to bring the passion and energy of Flower Burger to the U.S. and have plans to expand quickly."

"We love that Angelenos prioritize all the same values that we do, from inclusivity to sustainability. From day one it has been our mission to create an inviting international brand that motivates customers to eat plant-based, ” said Founder Matteo Toto.

For hours, prices, and the full roster of plant-pretty buns and the chickpea-cheerful offerings, call upon Flower Burger's site now.

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