Flutter by ‘Backyard Wilderness 3D,’ an IMAX Adventure

The new film, which is opening at California Science Center, explores the wonderful world just outside our door.

Backyard Wilderness

What to Know

  • California Science Center
  • Opens Friday, Oct. 4
  • $8.95 adult; $6.75 child

Picture the wilderness, or the "Wilderness," if you prefer, and your imagination is bound to fly over several hundreds of miles, to a mountain peak, a sandy cove, a location that feels as far from humanity as far can get.

And yet, the wilderness exists just steps from where we surf the internet, watch our shows, and sleep each night. Bugs buzz, critters crawl, birds caw, and furry visitors trot on by our homes quite often, proving that we coexist with nature.

Making the "Wild" not all that wild nor remote.

"Backyard Wilderness 3D," a new IMAX film celebrating the animalia and plant life and sunshine and fresh air that surrounds us each day, is here to remind us that the wilderness is our next door neighbor.

Or even closer: It's just a step off our patio or porch.

"Spanning a seasonal year around a suburban home," the film follows Katie, "a young girl," as she leaves electronic devices behind for a chance to get to know the leafy expanse outside her window.

"Wi-fi is not the only connection that matters" is the movie's moving call to action.

Do you also adore what's beyond your door, from the crows to the crickets to the squirrels and sparrows?

"Backyard Wilderness 3D" invites viewers to go on an adventure that doesn't require journeying thousands of miles to some craggy canyon or isolated desert.

Rather, we're reminded that we do live in the wilderness, right here in our cities. And getting acquainted with it is a wise and wonderful path.

The film opens at the California Science Center on Friday, Oct. 4.

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