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$20.11 "Bottomless Bubbly" for 2011

A Santa Monica wine bar has a fizzy deal on.



    $20.11 "Bottomless Bubbly" for 2011

    Two things we like as each and every new year approaches. One, we like the funky, oversized glasses that bear the year. You know the ones. People wear 'em like mad in Times Square. (But our question is this: How will 2011 look? It was easy with 2010 and all those zeroes to gaze through. Peering through a giant "one" might be harder. Are you concerned about this, too? We're sure someone somewhere has worked it out.)

    The second thing we like is when the year shows up in prices of things, good things, for one night only. That's exactly what 2011 is doing at Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar in Santa Monica. The bar will be pouring "bottomless bubbly" for the easy-to-remember price of $20.11.

    What other places will be marking food and spirits at that price? We say there should be some kind of rule. There should also be a rule that one has to wear the year-funky eyeglasses while enjoying a food or beverage priced to reflect the new year.

    Too many rules? Maybe. One other like about the Pourtal party; things get going at 4 p.m. Daylight enjoyment of elegant sparkling wines? Happy new year.