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A Fruity, Sweet Drink with a Volcanic Kick



    It's a drink for two of Volcanic proportions, complete with flames: the Volcanic Scorpion Bowl.

    The fruity concoction is a popular order at Luna Park on the corner of Wilshire and La Brea. The restaurant specializes in California cuisine and is known best for their mouthwatering Mac & Cheese, seasonal fruit Mojitos, and the over-the-top Volcanic Scorpion Bowl.

    Why it's name sake we asked bartender Laura Rosales?

    "Because it looks like a big, beautiful volcano about to erupt," she explained.

    The Volcanic Scorpion Bowl for Two

    [LA] The Volcanic Scorpion Bowl for Two
    It's a sweet drink for two with a sting.
    (Published Wednesday, March 2, 2011)

    As for the 'Scorpion' part, judging by the drinks size, we're guessing it’s the possible hang-over a party of one trying to finish it would experience the next morning.

    "You do need super-sized straws for this," Rosales said. "It's a super-sized drink."

    The giant-sized super drink…well, actually, a bowl… is a sweet, smooth blend of lime, orange, apricot, and pineapple flavors carefully combined with rum, brandy, grenadine, and Bacadardi 151…for that extra kick. 

    The secret to flavor is not to over-power the drink Rosales said. See the demo video above for great tips.

    "Yes you do want to use ample alcohol in it," Rosales explains, "but a lot of times people put too much in it and you really can't enjoy all the flavors."

    Rosales suggests the Scorpion Bowl is great for two people along with a side of goat-cheese fondue.

    The reaction of customers Trina and Janet seemed to some it up best:

    "Ooohh, that's good!"