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A Wine Bar Where Everyone Knows Your Name

It’s all about feeling alive, people coming together and some of the best wines



    A Wine Bar Where Everyone Knows Your Name

    Bar Covell wants to be the "Cheers" of wine bars in East Hollywood.  Where you can go and everyone knows your name -- your name doesn't have to be Norm!

    “Wine should be something that brings people together," said Dustin Lancaster, owner of Bar Covell,  while talking to Mekahlo Medina on NewsRaw's HollywoodLOCAL segment. "You should come here with friends, have great conversation about wine, and what you do in life."

    Knowing that people are thirsty for a new place to go, he wanted to bring something unique to the table.

    “This is something I can do on my own, the way I want and hope people like it and I’m thrilled to be open."

    Hollywood LOCAL: Bar Covell

    [LA] Hollywood LOCAL: Bar Covell
    NewsRaw takes a look at a new East Hollywood wine bar that "hopes to know your name."
    (Published Wednesday, July 14, 2010)

    He opened on July 2nd to an overwhelming response. “The place was packed with people,” said Lancaster..

    Bar Covell has a really unique creative rustic space.

    “When people come in, they say it doesn’t feel like they’re in LA, it feels like a new bar,” said Lancaster. It’s a place to have fun, socialize, and drink wine at a reasonable price.

    “We change the wine every night to get people out of their comfort zone. There are so many different types of wines out there and this is our way to make people try new ones,” Lancaster said.