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NYC Chef Uses Wife's Breast Milk in Cheese



    NYC Chef Uses Wife's Breast Milk in Cheese
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    The New York City health commissioner says the city enthusiastically endorses breast milk, just not for adults.

    The question arose after a Manhattan chef blogged about making cheese with his wife's breast milk.

    Daniel Angerer co-owns Klee Brasserie with his wife Lori Mason. A photo on his blog features the cheese encrusted with maple caramelized pumpkin and Concord grapes.

    "It tastes like cow's-milk cheese, kind of sweet," Angerer told The New York Post.

    The chef and his wife had an overabundance of milk for their newborn, Arabella Caroline. When their small freezer ran out of space, Angerer decided to experiment.

    Once he started blogging about his breast-milk infused cheese, patrons began asking for samples. Overall, Angerer says the feedback has been good, but some people are too squeamish to try it.

    While some find the breast-milk cheese divine (especially when served with figs and Hungarian pepper), Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said that breast milk is not appropriate for anyone who is not a baby.

    We won't tell if you check out the recipe, though. C'mon, click, you know you want to.