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C is for Nookie

Put some lovin' in the oven with these Kama Sutra cookie cutters



    C is for Nookie
    Wait -- what are those gingerbread men doing?

    The way to your lover's heart is through his or her stomach -- especially if you serve up food shaped like actual nookie in action. Why waste time with so-called aphrodisiac foods when you can cut (ha!) to the chase and use these delightful Kama Sutra cookie cutters on your next batch of chocolate chip?

    These kinky kitchen aides depict your usual gingerfriends in some fairly compromising positions, but there's still something sweetly innocent about them. They're made by Swedish company Pipparkaka, who'll happily mail you a batch for $55, tax and shipping included. And if you get especially inspired in the kitchen (baking-wise, people), Pipparkaka asks that you send in your photos and they'll post them on their website (not those kinds of photos). We got the tip-off from Sundance's Sunfiltered blog, where you'll find the ordering link and more info.