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Claire's, and Other Beachy Faves



    Claire's, and Other Beachy Faves
    Alysia Gray Painter
    Plunk down under an umbrella and savor a salad at Long Beach's waterside gem Claire's.

    The Dow? The election? Reading the list of best beachside restaurants in the Times today was just the mind-vacation we needed. We could practically feel the sand between our toes and the cool side of a margarita pressed against our sunburned cheek as we perused the delish list.

    Quibbles with their picks? None at all (we realize that's rare with "best ofs" -- part of the joy of reading 'em is nitpicking as you go). However, while we would remove none of the selections, we would kindly offer one more. Granted, it's not truly in LA, but Long Beach, and it isn't truly on the sand, but more of a harbor. All that said, Claire's at the Long Beach Museum of Art is one corker of a waterside cafe, and we've passed many a brilliant Saturday noon wishing we were there.

    Maybe it's the gorgeous, straight-out-of-Pasadena Craftsman museum bordering the outdoor seating area, or the tables for two cozied up to a splashy fountain, but we like Claire's for the food and views best. Our last salad there was springy and flavorful, and our friend's fries steal-'em-while-he's-not-looking tasty.

    And all the while, that pretty fountain splashed the day away as boats drifted in the distance.

    Claire's at the Museum, 2300 E. Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach