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Daylight Saving Sip (for Free)

Hello, Monday. Hello, coffee and cosmetics.



    Daylight Saving Sip (for Free)
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    Stop by Origins in LA between November 2nd and 4th, get a free espresso.

    Daylight Saving Time. We didn't add the "s" after "Saving" although we really wanted to and have, in error, for years. You too? We all do it, practically.

    The whole falling back bit in autumn is slightly easier than that lose-an-hour spring forward deal. Still, just about everyone was up with the birds the last few mornings. In other words, come afternoon, you'll be sleepy.

    Very. And that's where the three-day, Origins cosmetic coffee party comes in. The purveyor of make-up and lotions and balms has paired up with supremo coffee company illy to give customers a free espresso on November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. There's a "Wake Up and Win" sweepstakes to enter, too, with an espresso machine and eye creams among the prizes.

    The Origins at South Coast Plaza is the SoCal location for the sip-and-shop event.

    Stretch. Yawn. We fell back, and we're trying to move forward.