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Debate Watchers Need Places to Watch, Eat, Drink



    Debate Watchers Need Places to Watch, Eat, Drink

    While working in Westwood four years ago, we didn't to fight rush hour traffic but needed a martini, a snack, and a place to watch the Bush/Kerry debates and the Yankees/Red Sox playoffs. Surprisingly one place covered it all: Napa Valley Grille. Turned out to be a great night. Now, here we are again with the highly anticipated Palin/Biden debate plus a Dodgers' playoff game tonight. What's a person who wants to eat, drink, check scores and yell lipsticked pitbull obscenities at the TV (in public) to do? One reader went to the wrong place for help:

    "Those Nazis over at Chowhound are at it again. I posted earlier asking if there were any restaurants/bars showing the debate tonight. I got a half-dozen helpful responses. When I went to check to see if any more had replied, the post had been deleted. WTF? I think it’s totally relevant, considering I am looking for a restaurant or bar with FOOD that will be a good gathering place to watch the debate."
    Eater readers, let's help a sister out. We know Social Hollywoodhas something going on, the folks at Delancey and the Bowery in Hollywood (always a fave) will have the debates on (with sound), and NVG might not have the volume turned up, but at least close captioned. Who else? Let 'em rip in comments.

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