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Drink This: Strawberry Ginger Jalapeno Martini

Drink This is NBCLA's weekly taste of local sips



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    Sip a Strawberry Ginger Jalapeno Martini at Takami, located in the Los Angeles financial district.

    Your job: get to the bar. Our job: Help you find that perfect drink. This week, NBCLA's "Drink This" journey takes us out for...

    The Strawberry Ginger Jalapeno Martini: Just when you were looking for a break from your traditional vodka-and-olives sip, along comes a beverage with a veritable garden full of flavors. Veritable, we said. And meant.

    Who's mixing: Takami, located downtown in the financial district. We should mention way, way above the financial district.

    How way, way above?The modern restaurant/bar is situated 21 floors above, meaning views. Skyscraper-y, truly metropolitan views, windows-glowing-at-night views. The kind of views that are helpful to have at hand if conversation with your date hits a lull.

    Why conversation probably won't hit a lull: You'll be sipping a martini possessing a trio of unusual flavors. There will be much flavor-dissecting discussion between drinks, we predict.

    The Strawberry Ginger Jalapeno Martini's price: $12

    Toys for Tots: Buy an unwrapped toy that is north of ten bucks. Tuck it in your purse and make for Takami before Christmas. Donate said toy and see $25 shaved off your bill. Heartwarming all around.

    Sunday sweetness: If you live downtown, you likely know that Sunday night is Locals Night at Takami. Beer and house sake are half-off for people who live in the area. It's just about as nice as that neighbor who loans you an egg or cup of sugar when you need it.