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Drive-Through Ban Could Be Repealed

San Juan Capistrano reconsiders drive-through ban



    Drive-Through Ban Could Be Repealed
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    Getting out of the car to eat can be a real hassle.

    San Juan Capistrano is finally catering to our fast-food-loving laziness.

    For the last eight years, drive-thru windows have been banned.

    Having to actually get out of the car was enough of a hassle to send customers elsewhere. San Juan Capistrano officials estimate they've lost millions of dollars since the ban into effect.

    Now, the city is rethinking the policy, the Capistrano Dispatch reported:

    The decision to completely eliminate rather than strictly regulate drive-throughs in town may have resulted in unintended consequences for the community, officials say, including a loss of potential business investment; inability to modernize existing facilities; a failure to capitalize on innovation, technology; consumer preferences; and a loss of sales tax revenue.

    The range of businesses that rely on convenience windows to meet customer demand continues to expand and includes restaurants, coffee shops, banks, financial institutions, dry-cleaners, drug stores and pharmacies. The demand for convenience-window service crosses several demographic boundaries. And at least one fast-food restaurant would like to remodel, but doing so might cause the elimination of the existing drive-up window under the current codes.

    The city council plans to meet on July 21 to reevaluate the ban.