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Hamasaku Melrose Still MIA, Uncork'd Nears



    Hamasaku Melrose Still MIA, Uncork'd Nears


    WEHO—Some curiosities from Melrose Avenue, where the second Hamasaku is still "temporarily closed" after two weeks. According to sources at the original location, there's no word on when—or if—the Melrose offshoot will reopen at some point, as the investors still haven't made a decision either way. That doesn't sounds like good news; further details as they come in... [EaterWire]

    TOP CHEFFAGE—The Mothership shares rumors of the first chef to be connected to the upcoming season of Top Chef. His name is Mike Isabella from Zaytinya in DC. The evidence: he has both tattoos and a faux hawk, auditioned for the show and per the restaurant, is on vacation for at least a month. Very curious, no? If you hear of any other suspicious sabbaticals, do let us know. [~ENY~]

    LAS VEGAS—Speaking of Vegas, next weekend is the annual Uncork'd food, wine and chefs festival. Suffice it to say that the arrival of Uncork'd coinciding with the filming of Top Chef Vegas has not gone unnoticed. [EaterWire]

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