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Feria de los Moles

Rich moles are in the stir at Olvera Street.



    Feria de los Moles
    Todd Hall
    Feria de los Moles is on Sunday, Oc. 9 at Olvera Street.

    Mole is one rich topper, and a little goes a long way.

    Wait. There are two incorrect things about that statement. Let's start with "a little goes a long way." Did you laugh when you read? We nearly laughed while typing it. Yes, a little probably should go a long way, but for mole fans, that just isn't fact. They want to eat copious amounts of the savory-sweet elixir, at one sitting.

    The second incorrect thing is calling it a topper. Yes, we know, it is the perfect addition to a roast chicken or chilaquiles. But please raise your hand if you've ever just eating mole straight from a bowl, or sipped it warm from a cup. We're not the only person with our hand in the air here, right? Didn't think so.

    Now mole mavens can get their mole fill at Feria de los Moles. The saucy soiree will stir things up at Olvera Street on Sunday, Oct. 9.

    The Best Mole Gastronomical Showdown will look at Pueblo v. Oaxaca. There will be mole-y food for sale. There will be free dance performances.

    Getting in is free and the eats are additional. Hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    We encourage you to discuss, at length, with your companions, whether mole should have a slightly desserty edge or if it should be strictly spicy and made for top-level, big-flavor entrees. It's a topic that probably won't find ultimate resolution soon, and we don't want it to, but it is fun to mull over mole. Especially while waiting in line to purchase some.