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Ice Cream: Vegan, Corn Flake-Filled, Star Lickable



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    Kyra and Kevin enjoy ice cream in winter. We get that. We get that ice cream's siren song plays all year long. Oh, how it plays...

    We were charmed to see recent photos of actress Kyra Sedgwick and husband Kevin Bacon enjoying ice cream in the dead of winter in New York. So charmed, in fact, that we had to see what they were snacking upon, what frosty-cold substance they would bundle up and venture out for in the month of January. Turns out it is an ice-creamery called Stogo's, and they specialize in vegan offerings, and we'd make some wisecrack about Bacon and vegan but it really isn't worth our time, energy or yours. Still, vegan ice cream. Filling a big niche, we imagine, and flavorfully, too.

    Then we got to thinking about ice cream in general, and how the unusual-flavor-combo-experimentation that has taken flower of late continues unabated in upscale shops like our own LA-based Scoops. Then, over at Eating LA, we read about a San Francisco eatery that is doing -- wait for it -- an ice cream flavored with Jim Beam and cornflakes. Together. Sweet, sweet madness. Do they serve it a flask, we wonder? Anywho, we're with Eating LA: it's road trip time. Maybe we can split the gas?

    Until then, we'll go with the oh-so-fragrant (and delicious) rosewater ice cream at Mashti Malone's in Hollywood.