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SoBe Iron Chefs in a Fight Over Chow

Chinese Chef Mr. Chow is suing another Chow to be the only Mr. Chow



    SoBe Iron Chefs in a Fight Over Chow
    It's Chow versuse Chow in a brawl for it all. Well, really it's just a food fight for a name.

    Have you ever had Mr. Chow's signature dish on South Beach? No, not that Mr. Chow. The other Mr. Chow.

    Confused? Well, that's the point, according to a lawsuit filed in Miami federal court by a Chinese chef who claims to be the real Mr. Chow.

    Michael Chow, the founder of the famous Chinese restaurant chain, is suing Philippe Chow, a former cook at the New York Mr. Chow, claiming that Philippe is a fraud. You see, Philippe's birth name is Chak Yam Chau, but he changed his name in 1977. Michael Chow thinks he changed it to fool people into thinking he is the real McCoy.

    The plot may have worked because Philippe Chow got the nod to be the feature restaurant in the posh Hotel Gansevoort last year, which pubs the restaurant as the place to be to get some genuine Mr. Chow cuisine. Coincidentally, Michael Chow is planning to open a restaurant at the W South Beach hotel later this month.

    Couldn't the two just settle it in a cook off, a la The Iron Chef? I'm sure they wouldn't have a hard time finding South Beach food hounds to judge who should get the title of "The Real Mr. Chow."

    Michael Chow claims that other Chow started in his New York restaurant as a "lowest level kitchen assistant" and never ascended to the rank of executive chef.

    Starting next month, expect very expensive food fights up and down Collins Ave.