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Posh Chocolate Tasting

The LA Chocolate Salon is back for its sixth year; it's now in Santa Monica.



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    LA Chocolate Salon
    The LA Chocolate Salon sweetens Santa Monica Civic on Sunday, Sept. 23.

    There are a number of foodstuffs that now sport their own special tasting events. Pickled items -- mmm -- and condiments and spices and oils and things that twenty or thirty years ago were not lined up, snacked upon, and then discussed in the way that wine might be.

    Today, though? They're more commonplace, these food tastings, though we'll wager one specific edible led the way: chocolate. Yep, that old friend to wine, the king of tasting events, made the food inroads first in this regard. Because, after all, cocoa-based candies are not merely about being sugary and cheap; there are very fine confections filled with expensive pink salts and apple-smoked bacon and rare flower petals and often combinations of unusual ingredients.

    The LA Chocolate Salon celebrates those unusual ingredients, and fine sweets, at its annual gathering. That gathering is set to come together and consume a lot of chocolate on Sunday, Sept. 23 in Santa Monica.

    If you've been in the past -- the salon has been setting out the small bites for over half a decade -- you'll recall Pasadena being the location; no longer. It's moved to the Civic.

    But the who's who of the confectionery world is still on the roster: Marti Chocolatt, Droga Confections, Amella Caramels, and many, many other purveyors of fancy snackage.

    Note note note: No tickets'll be sold at the door. Get yours in advance for $25. Good? Good.

    Taste on, chocolate lovers; and chocolate, we salute you for starting the whole posh-food-tasting event ball a-rollin'.

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