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More Props for Silver Lake's Lamill

Come for the coffee, stay for the scrambled eggs with Dungeness crab



    More Props for Silver Lake's Lamill
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    The Pearl Cup hosts a super-exclusive Sarah Jaffe show tonight. We'll sip foam to that.

    It's hard to miss Lamill.

    The Silver Lake cafe's bright red facade screams, "Look at me." Bon Appetit magazine did just that, and its editors liked what they saw.

    In its January issue, the magazine named Lamill one of the country's Top 10 Best Boutique Coffee Shops. According to Bon Appetit:

    The menu (soft scrambled eggs with Dungeness crab, arctic char tartare, pork-belly risotto) is ambitious. The coffee (brewed in a Clover machine, the Ferrari of coffeemakers) is delicious and roasted nearby.

    And it's not just the menu that gets noticed. In 2008, the American Institute of Architects recognized the cafe's architectural qualities.

    The Lamill boutique opened in 2008 at 1636 Silver Lake Blvd.