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Little Luscious Luxury We Adore: Apple Pie



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    We'd probably cartwheel all the way to Big Bear if Agent Dale Cooper of "Twin Peaks" asked us to -- Kyle Maclachlan in the Brylcreemed hair and government-standard overcoat, hello -- but we can't sign on for his famous cherry pie hankering. Oh, we like the cherry pie, and we like the chocolate and the key lime and the gooseberry and the custard, but, like a goodly slice of pie lovers out there, we're apple eaters.

    So when Apple Pie Day rolls around, which it does every year on May 13, we are happy, because we are reminded of one of our favorite treats, the jewel in the cinnamon/goopy/crusty crown of desserts. Plus, a slice of apple pie: not expensive. A lot of bang for your two and a half bucks, or whatever a slice of apple pie runs at most diners nowadays. That sounds about right. Easy. Doable. Delish.

    We're not going to go fancy-dancy here; we like the classics, so we're heading to Du-par's, to House of Pies, or the Apple Pan. And if we stand up afterward and sway to the jukebox a la Audrey Horne in "Twin Peaks," so be it. Just ignore us and go back to eating.