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Magic, Lip-Smackin' Morsels, Being a Kid Again



    Magic, Lip-Smackin' Morsels, Being a Kid Again
    Derek Hughes
    Magician Derek Hughes asks you to pick a card at the Gourmet Five Year Old Party on Sunday, May 31

    It hasn't been that long since we ate a whole box of macaroni and cheese, from the pan, with ketchup. What's your secret, straight-back-to-grade-school dish? We'll wager that most people have one or two, if not several. Cupcakes slathered in peanut butter with gummi bears on top. Bologna and jam and pepper with a dab of mayo.

    The foodie fact that comfort eats have gone gourmet in the last decade isn't news, but maybe the newsy bit is that this is way more than a trend; it's here to stay. You just can't reintroduce onion rings and Sloppy Joes on hoity-toity menus and not expect diners to not want to see them there forever.

    Enter the Gourmet Five Year Old Party, happening Sunday afternoon, May 31 at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. Lots of fancy comfort eats from local restaurants will be served, and to make it feel a bit more like a kid celebration, magician Derek Hughes is doing tricks.

    One grown-up concession: wine. Nice.

    We saw Mr. Hughes at the Magic Castle and can confirm he is very humorous. In fact, we'll say he was our favorite illusionist of the night, and we don't feel bad saying so, either. After all, aren't kids always picking favorites? They know their favorite color, favorite show, favorite everything.

    So, the party: everyone on their best behavior or no balloon. Play nice. And your mom can't come pick you up, especially if she lives out of state.