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Meet Winemaker Dan Aykroyd



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    Meet Winemaker Dan Aykroyd at Whole Foods on 3rd & Fairfax on Thursday, October 8th.

    With "Ghostbusters" in the headlines due to a certain hit movie we won't name and a certain cameo we won't name -- everyone knows it by now, but still, our fingers prevent us from typing it -- we were delighted to find Dr. Raymond Stantz would be stopping by a Whole Foods on Thursday, October 8th to sign his wines.

    Dr. Ray was superbly played by Dan Aykroyd, of course, the "SNL" legend who also played a Blues Brother, a Conehead, and just about every other genial geek who fronted a film in the 1980s. Now Mr. Aykroyd is a vintner -- fantastic -- and he's signing his wines at the Third & Fairfax Whole Foods from 4-6PM on Thursday, October 8th. (Address: 6350 Third Street, Los Angeles)

    You want to see Dan Aykroyd. We want to see Dan Aykroyd. But we also like lovely libations, and wouldn't mind picking up a bottle to try. If you can't make the in-store visit, check out his winery's site.

    And then, once you have a bottle or two, signed by the star himself, it is time to rent "The Great Outdoors" and toast the actor-vintner. Now that is an interesting hyphenate.