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Monday Bites: Kitchen 24

Today in LA's look at breakfast spots in Los Angeles



    Monday Bites: Kitchen 24
    Kitchen 24

    We all know that Monday sometimes, well, bites.

    So instead of complaining, Today in LA wants you to start out the week with breakfast at one of the coolest places in Los Angeles.

    First up, Kitchen 24 in the heart of Hollywood.

    It's centered in the Cahuenga corridor, just south of Hollywood Boulevard (map).

    MondayBites: Kitchen24 in Hollywood 6:20am

    [LA] MondayBites: Kitchen24 in Hollywood 6:20am
    A better way to start your morning. Each Monday, TODAY in LA takes a look at some of the best breakfasts in L.A. Kitchen24 offers the "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey."
    (Published Monday, Aug. 23, 2010)

    It's a 24-hour restaurant that got its start as the Hollywood neighborhood began its recent revitalization.

    "When we came to Hollywood, there was nothing by nightclubs here, and we knew there was an opportunity for people who want breakfast and lunch with all the lofts that were coming into town," said David Dickerson, owner of Kitchen 24.

    "As we've grown, so has the neighborhood. The neighborhood has become a lot more friendly, a lot more alive to families," Dickerson said.

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