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Monkeys, Mystery, and Sweet Treats, Too



    Monkeys, Mystery, and Sweet Treats, Too
    SLS Hotel
    The candylicious Patisserie at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

    We admit a bit of a fascination with SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, which first bowed last fall. It has a mysterious vibe to it, and that mystery extends to the beautiful Patisserie, a comely spot which lays out the high tea service afternoons from 3-5PM. The luscious bites include salmon roe cone, saffron pate de fruit, and hazelnut volcano cookie. The teas and coffees are fancy and intriguing (one is described as having a "pale celadon liquor," three words which make our head throb in a very good way).

    While we don't know if we'd recommend donning something a bit outrageous and Vienna-circa-1920 -- we're thinking petticoats and a hat with a big, fake bird's nest atop it -- but we're very tempted. The tea service speaks of another time, also of fantasy and escape, if only for an hour or two.

    We've also been talking up the music on the hotel web site, which is operatic and strange and makes us want to hold a large lace fan to peer at our monitor through. And the monkeys in the hotel's elegant, etch-y crest are beguiling. They're actually cavorting on a chandelier, something we've never seen real monkeys do, but we're willing to give into the drama and mystery of it all.

    High Tea at Patisserie
    Prix Fixe $25
    SLS Hotel, 465 S. La Cienega, Los Angeles