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No Need to Take Your Wallet to Starbucks



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    The iPhone Starbucks app in action. Photo: Kris Van de Sande on Flickr

    Starbucks is giving you a little extra room for your next coffee run.

    The coffee empire with a location on seemingly every corner launched its mobile payment service at its 7,000 locations across the country Wednesday.

    Gone is the need to carry a wallet if you are one of Steve Jobs' millions of minions who own an iPhone. Simply pre-load your account and go to the store and swipe your phone.

    The coffee chain is also trying to encourage people to go digital by offering rewards, such as free coffee, based on users' spending habits.

    The app is a free download in Apple's app store.

    With all that extra room you may be able to actually fit one of Starbucks' new XXL sizes somewhere.