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Now Casting: "Kitchen Nightmares"

Let "Hell's Kitchen" chef whip (curse, torture) you into shape.



    Now Casting: "Kitchen Nightmares"
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    Water torture may be how some "Hell's Kitchen" participants want to thank cantankerous chef Gordon Ramsay. Gluttons for punishment will want to sign up for his "Kitchen Nightmares" cast.

    The personal ad would go something like this:

    Potty-mouthed, ego-centric, possibly sociopathic celebrity chef seeks downtrodden restaurant staff in need of an ass-whooping. Will take your struggling eatery from a "D" to an "A" rating (oh there will be soul-crushing). Must love humiliation, screaming and spit. Criers preferred. Cooking talent a plus. Fifteen minutes of fame guaranteed.

    Sound like you? FOX is taking LA submissions. Sign up to have Gordon Ramsay run your restaurant for a week and take you from no-name to four-star reality star.