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Food Network Star's Oversized Utensil Reported Missing

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence deprived of 5-foot, 50-pound fork



    Food Network Star's Oversized Utensil Reported Missing
    The Florence Group
    The Tyler Florence Shop pictured before one of the 5-foot, 50-pound forks was stolen.

    The police in Mill Valley, Calif. have a bizarre new case on their hands: a case of a stolen fork.

    It's not your everyday fork. This one weighs 50 pounds, with a length of nearly 5 feet. And it belongs to celebrity chef Tyler Florence.

    For nearly a year, the enormous utensil resided on the front facade of The Tyler Florence Shop in Mill Valley, a normally quaint, sleepy town across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. The fork was stolen from the shop sometime around June 10, when employees reported it missing.

    The shop, owned by celebrity chef Tyler Florence, features regular-sized culinary tools and cookware. Florence is a star of the cable channel Food Network, and has spent over 15 years traveling around the world for culinary purposes.

    Florence and his wife find it amusing that vandals went to the effort to steal the fork, one of two which were hand-crafted by a San Francisco artist for the shop's front facade when it opened less than a year ago.

    Users of Twitter also appear to find the story amusing, and are helping to spread the word. Twitter user indypupple jokingly tweeted: "Tyler Florence's giant decorative fork stolen? WTF? (where's the fork?)"

    Mill Valley Police say they do not have any leads and that they are watching the Internet -- Craigslist in particular --for any possible leads.

    As for replacing the fork Florence's wife says the utensil's artist is ready to make another one, but they are waiting to see if police can recover the stolen one first.