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Pay for a Glass of Tap, Help Clean Water Cause



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    Pay $1 for that glass of water when you eat out, and help The Tap Project.

    It's probably challenging for any diner to recall exactly how many glasses of tap water they've sipped at while sitting in various restaurants over the last few years. Maybe it because that small, clear, often unrequested-but-still-welcomed glass is just so innocuous and unassuming. But to so many around the world, clean water is not taken for granted and is all too rare. The Tap Project, in association with UNICEF, seeks to remedy that situation.

    All during the week of March 22-28, a host of restaurants throughout the U.S. have joined The Tap Project by asking guests to pay a dollar for their glass of tap water. In Southern California, the list includes AOC on Third, Coupa Cafe in Beverly Hills, both Hugo's locations, and Mama's Hot Tamales (eye the full roster of California eateries). Your one hundred pennies are then donated to UNICEF, and will ultimately go to helping someone somewhere savor clean, safe water for 40 full days.

    Not only will this project raise a goodly amount of money, but it will raise a goodly amount of awareness, too. Turning on the tap here in Los Angeles may be a rote act, but The Tap Project reminds us to be mindful and aware of even the everyday things we do.