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Really. No. Really? It's Eat What You Want Day



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Fries are probably up there in the Eat What You Want Day pantheon

    Time was we had to eat what we caught, found, or grew, which severely limited our options. Fast forward a few thousand years and now fried dough rings dipped in chipotle aioli can be found on nearly every street corner around the clock.

    Okay, maybe not every street corner, and maybe it isn't chipotle aioli, it's cinnamon-gooseberry cream cheese, but we're saying options are plentiful, nearby, and frequently cheap. So we're tickled that there's actually an Eat What You Want Day, because some how that seems to imply that we're not kind of doing that a little bit too much anyway.

    Granted, we've all wised up to our health over recent years, to trying to exercise and read about fat grams and be sane about everything. And we suppose if there was ever a day of the week that needed to be Eat What You Want Day, it is a Monday. But the Monday after Mother's Day? We're guessing there are thousands of people out there still feeling the Eggs Benedict they inhaled but didn't mean to.

    In case you want to celebrate, there are e-cards. And more.