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Sporting and Supping Unite



    Sporting and Supping Unite
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    Saluting, and supping, the Tour de France, at Pinot Bistro

    To stand in a field of sunflowers, or swaying lavender, or various grasses and chirping things, and see light-as-a-baguette bicycles go light-speeding by -- frooosh, frooosh, and another frooosh -- is one of the pleasures of spectating at Tour de France. The energy from the road, the soft sunlight, French countryside. Le heaven.

    It's also pleasant to spectate the annual spectacle on TV, from your own couch in Los Angeles, especially when you can pause the action and head over to Pinot Bistro for an only-for-a-few-weeks Tour de France-saluting tasting menu, which salutes the flavors of France.  Pistou soup is one intriguing offering -- pesto every day, we say -- plus pan-roasted rainbow trout ("truite pochee au vin jaune") and other delectables.

    Francophiles, bike-o-philes, Tour-de-France fans, lovers of all that is good and pistou-y: Note that this celebratory cooking-up wraps on July 26th. $45 ($65 avec le vin pairings)