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LA Marathon for Observers: Dine and Drink on the Cheap

A round-up of marathon-close eats/drinks.



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    Ciudad has LA Marathon deals on drinks and more on Sunday, March 21.

    There are many ways to support someone running in the LA Marathon.

    There's the make a glitter-covered poster board way. That's the way where you stand on a sidewalk and wait for three hours for your runner to come by.

    Or there's the way where you find a restaurant along the route and have a Philly Cheese Steak and vow to be just a bit more athletic.

    We think you can do both -- both the poster with your friend's name, and the dining along the route -- and the smart foodies at dineLA have just made things easier. They've released a list of places along or close to the LA Marathon route that will have dining deals on Sunday, March 21.

    Mojitos at Ciudad. Tasty seafood at Enterprise. The deals are geographically diverse and diverse of menu. Some are just for runners, note, but other specials are for all.

    Happy supporting, runner friends, and happy running, runners. And happy carb-loading, cocktail-raising to all.